The wireless VoIP phone is something any business concerned about productivity and efficiency through communication should have in its headquarters. Weaver Communications offers access to wireless VoIP phones as part of its arsenal for mobile efficiency. A wireless VoIP phone gives your business the ability to communicate over a secure line without having to be directly connected with a cable. With many of the same features as our desk phones, team leaders and executives can navigate freely throughout the workplace without having to consistently be paged back into the office.

What can a wireless VoIP phone from Weaver Communications do for your business?
Whether it is indoor or outdoor, we have specific phones for the job from quality manufacturers such as Avaya. Avaya’s wireless phone is a by-word for quality in the industry. Here are just some of the things they can do for you, alongside a package from Weaver Communications:

  • Improve productivity with your wireless VoIP phone. These phones keep employees productive. A VoIP wireless phone enables you to travel through the office whilst still communicating clearly and coherently.
  • A wireless VoIP phone can integrate with your current server. If you have Avaya IP Office, for example, they’re fully compatible with it.
  • You choose the features. We offer a range of unique handsets which match the needs of specific business types.
  • Every phone model can be scaled to suit your organization. If you need more phones in six months, it’s easy to expand your network.

The 6140 WLAN Handset

This professional handset is wireless and offers specialized push-to-talk functionality. If you need to put someone on hold, you can do so without any complicated procedures. These phones are designed for the environment which requires effective teamwork to meet demanding goals.

The key benefit of the 6140 WLAN Handset is its lightweight yet durable design. This handset will last for years before it requires any maintenance.

The 6120 WLAN Handset
A wireless IP phone, such as the 6120 WLAN Handset provides you with full WPA2-PSK encryption security to protect your communications. It’s a rugged handset which protects itself against most office mishaps, including shock and liquid damage.

It comes with four hours of independent battery life, with the option of installing an extended battery which increases the battery life to 12 hours. This wireless VoIP phone is best used in a general office environment, such as those found in the financial industry.

The 3641 and 3645 Handsets
You’ll find these two handsets work well in industrial environments with capabilities like push-to-talk. They come with large earpieces, so they can fit comfortably against your employee’s ear. For any commercial/industrial environment, these are ideal because they eliminate the need for two-way radios.

All phones come with built-in speakerphones and a jack for adding a headset of your choice. With each call you’ll receive a caller ID message, so you can assess the urgency of the call prior to answering it.

Every wireless VoIP phone explained on this list has the capacity to take voice messages your employees can refer back to later on.

If you want to find out more about any of these phones, contact Weaver Communications today for a free consultation!