Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is the telecommunications model of the 21st century. Any business which wants to maximize the power of communication must invest in a VoIP phone system, or they’ll always be placing themselves at a disadvantage.

A VoIP Phone System actually sounds more complicated than it is. With the same infrastructure that businesses use to connect to the internet, we can connect and implement a professionally designed and installed VoIP phone system for your operations. Our on-premise solutions do not require a connection to the internet nor is it dependent on that connection, but it uses the digital connection from the cabling to provide communications between users within the office building. Don’t have the infrastructure yet? No problem; we have you covered.

Weaver Communications is here to change the way you communicate. So, how will a VoIP phone system change your business?

Growing Up
Expansion and growth is something every business owner and entrepreneur desires, yet many don’t plan ahead to have the infrastructure in place to accommodate growth. Our solutions are designed to start with as few as 4 or 5 employees and scale significantly to several thousand end users.

The equipment we use to bring communication to you isn’t just designed to act when you grow; it anticipates your future success.

Making Sophistication Simple
Many on-premise VoIP solutions offer many features and capabilities, but ignore usability. We ensure that our solutions are integrated with the most important features and capabilities without making it complicated for your employees and customers, too. The truth is, we have helped too many clients in the past that previously overspent on resources they did not require simply because it was a brand they recognized in other technology fields. Weaver Communications only uses technology brands that specialize in the VoIP industry and are dedicated to prioritizing voice quality.

For enterprises and clients with multiple sites, being able to condense your voice and communications infrastructure into a single network greatly enhances the workflow and immediately upgrades your ability to service customers appropriately. Being able to reduce confusion and make your network user-friendly for your employees and your customers will certainly make you stand out from your competition. This is just one portion that immediately makes a VoIP phone system purchase worth looking into.