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Need a service technician on-site? Call us Toll Free at 877 926 2488 to hear about our hourly service rates. Our certified technicians have communication troubleshooting capabilities and technology that allow us to dissect the problems you have and offer consulting and solutions on how to meet the challenge directly. If your service provider is notifying you that you have an internal problem, we can help! Call us now.

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Whether you’re just needing a data cable installed or a full structured cabling solution, we are a full service provider and can meet your needs from start to finish. Our solutions include both indoor and outdoor for voice, data and audio cabling as well as fiber optic and wireless solutions. We can handle outdoor solutions including buried or aerial and indoor solutions that require a long distance installation that is a technical or physical challenge. We offer professional site surveys and free consultations for businesses needing a well-engineered structured cabling solution.


Not sure what you need or desiring to take your communications infrastructure to the next level? With over two decades of experience, we have helped hundreds of businesses maximize their ROI with solutions that are the most useful and convenient. Since we have operated as a small business in the midst of economic ups and downs, we understand the importance of ensuring you’re receiving the maximum benefit on your investment. With a sensible approach, we only offer what works best for you and layout the best possible solution, preferring long-term benefits due to their maximum potential while not ignoring short-term budgets. This is one of many reasons that we only use solutions that are scalable which brings a foundation that can be scaled significantly without having to replace previous investments. Overall, we are passionate about helping businesses increase their cash flow while vastly improving their customer’s experience. So whether you just need confirmation that you’re making the right purchase or need a professional to help you optimize your communications infrastructure for maximum benefit, let us help you resolve your challenge today.


All of our solutions offer manufacturer and service support as well as optional extended support when you trust Weaver Communications with your technology investments. Furthermore, we offer extended support, warranties and maintenance plans for customers who are unhappy with the service they are receiving from the current providers or simply want to protect the investments they have made. Our priority service is reserved for those who have a plan with us, as they are not simply a client but part of our family and team. If you do not have a plan of action in case of emergency or failure, you are already planning for failure. Let us ensure you are protected while giving you the ease of mind knowing that in case of an unplanned interruption, you are receiving immediate attention. Call us today for a plan that is custom tailored to meet your specific needs.


Whether you are a startup business or needing an immediate solution that may or may not support the current budget, we offer a plan of action to help solidify your communication infrastructure without the burden of investing up front. Our high-value services focuses on improving employee productivity, giving superior personalized service experience to your customers, and ensuring you are investing in the exact technology you need to maximize the return on investment while cutting unnecessary costs. Not every business is setup to invest up front in our quality of service and equipment, therefore we offer plans to get you on the path of attracting and retaining customers to increase your customer loyalty today. To inquire about our financial services, call us today toll free at 877 926 2488. You will be glad you called.


Effective business owners and technology department supervisors are typically keen on knowing when their communications infrastructure may not be performing up to its potential. Our professional network assessment and consulting solution allows us to investigate and test data and voice networks to ensure packets are being delivered in a timely, secure manner. When we evaluate your environment, you can be sure to be notified of any weaknesses with a very detailed report on our assessment. In order to analyze the capabilities of current networks, our network assessments allow us to give an advanced analysis with consulting rather than going by our professional instincts. If you want to ensure you’re achieving the return on investment you were promised, allow our team to complete a professional network assessment of your communications environment.


To further improve your experience with us, we want to ensure you are not paying too much for your communication solutions through your service provider. Allow us to examine your monthly billing statements to ensure accuracy. After seeing thousands of invoices, we have the experience to give you a third party professional opinion. Don’t wait to find out.. call us at 877 926 2488 to schedule a consultation.

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We understand that investing in the appropriate communications solution is only the foundation, but your team needs the proper training and encouragement to learn the new solutions. No matter how advanced or sophisticated our solutions are, the user is the most important piece of the puzzle in implementing a successful communications infrastructure. We equip your staff members with the training they need to make the transition as seamless as possible. Furthermore, there are times when you add a new department or hire a new employee that may need some training assistance.

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