Conference phones are a great addition to any conference room. They convey an image of professionalism and class. Weaver Communications is a provider of wired and wireless conference phone solutions. With so many conference phones available on the market, it might be difficult to understand the difference in quality and features between manufacturers of conference phones. The fact is, there are only a few upper tier high quality phones that are at the top, and we want to ensure you understand your options. While we offer various types of conference phones that are congruent with your system setup, we appreciate our VoIP conference phones the most.

Why are conference phones helpful?
The most obvious reason to purchase a conference phone is for the use of high quality conference calls. While our desk phones carry speakerphone features, our conference phones are designed specifically to offer the maximum benefit of top quality sound and microphone abilities. Specifically, speaker phone features on desk phones are designed to relieve the individual from needing the handset, but is not prepared for multiple people or for voice quality in a conference surrounding.

Conference calling itself can prove to be very beneficial in terms of time and money spent on travel and the downtime associated with gathering leaders from around the region and country to meet regularly to discuss important topics. While e-mails, bulletins, and other forms of communication help, having a direct conference among leaders significantly enhances teamwork and collaboration at a higher level. The fact is, conference calls allow you and your leaders to be spontaneous, and gives you immediate feedback and reaction when it is necessary.

Lastly, our conference phones are one of our fastest return on investments that we offer. Your investment is practically returned to you after the first conference call that allows you and your colleages to skip the business trip to discuss important topics.

Avaya 1692 IP Speakerphone
As far as conference phones go, this is ideal for allowing people to get a crystal clear signal. Using the innovative tripod design, it sits on a desk or end table. It isn’t unsightly and it blends into the overall décor of the room.

It utilizes RF Hardening technology to prevent interference from other wireless devices. You can expect to get full coverage across any conference room, up to 20 x 20 feet. This is a big distance and allows everyone to benefit from this speakerphone.

Avaya B149 Conference Phone
If you like your conference phones sleek and smart, the Avaya B149 Conference Phone is for you. It combines a suite of modern additions which allow you to create a communications network endpoint which seamlessly blends into your existing infrastructure.

Set up group calls with up to 10 people with a push of a button. Full instructions and clear directions are displayed on the phone. It can pick up sound from up to 320 feet away, and with an extension microphone from Weaver Communications this wireless conference phone can extend its range to 750 feet.

All conference phones come with an SD memory card for recording conferences. Now you can refer back to crucial parts of your meeting later on and add them to an archive.

Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone
The Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone uses powerful SIP technology which can be integrated with the existing Avaya Aura system. There are other third-party systems which can integrate with it.

It utilizes a web-based style of configuration. Users can export their contacts and settings to other handsets. This makes it easy to pass contact information on to other people.

All conference phones come with a virtual phone book with plenty of space to store contacts. You can make your own user profiles to store contact details and caller-specific settings. You can customize your digital conference phone to suit your needs.

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