Being successful in business likely means that your phone lines are quite active. While every business strives for customer service excellence with as limited resistance as possible, it is not always optimal to be overstaffed just to cover sudden spikes in business activity. Businesses are finding smarter avenues to boost their performance of inbound traffic spikes in the most efficient way. This is where Weaver Communications excels as a company as we have helped call centers, school systems, hospitals, and other industries where call traffic can spike at any moment.

One of the savviest investments in optimizing customer service is to invest in a music on hold solution that can also share your most desired information while the customer is waiting to be served. By filling the silence that many times seems much longer than it is for customers, their on hold experience can be enhanced with music to buy more time for your representatives to fulfill their tasks efficiently. Statistics show that approximately half of customers that are placed on hold for over 60 seconds of silence decides to end the call.

While it is a proven fact that customers don’t feel the sense of urgency when music on hold is provided, we desire to take it a step further with on hold messaging. We don’t just want your customers to hear music, but we want to change the way businesses feel about their customers being on hold. While customers wait for the next available representative, this is the perfect opportunity to educate your customers on additional products and services you offer as well as to ensure them their patience is appreciated while your business flourishes.

Unlike advertising on television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, music on hold marketing and branding is highly effective because your customer is already on the phone waiting to speak to a representative. In the same regard, not having a music on hold solution can be a hole in your traffic conversion due to your customer’s willingness to end the call after sitting in silence for over a minute. By adding a personal touch with on hold messaging, it makes the call personal and shows your commitment to excellent customer service.

Is my business ready for music on hold or a on hold messaging solution?
If your customers are remaining on the line for any time beyond 30 seconds, you are in jeopardy of losing customers’ appreciation for your brand. Customers who remain on hold in silence believe they are on hold much longer than they are in reality. Even one minute on hold can seem like three or five minutes for customers who sit in silence. Without call accounting software, your employees are likely not going to report how much traffic you are losing. On hold solutions are a way of enhancing and optimizing the customer experience while they remain on hold.

High Quality Music On Hold Solutions
While having music on hold significantly improves customer experience while waiting to speak with a representative, having poor music quality can be worse than just sitting in silence. Poor music quality does not make the entire idea a poor choice; it simply means you did not choose a solution that was congruent with your standards. If you are going to invest in a music on hold or message on hold solution, protect your return on investment by including a professional with experience in what works and what fails in this industry.

A Direct Enhancement To Your Phone System
While there are many feature rich phone systems to assist employees in handling calls more efficiently, features that directly enhance customer satisfaction are sometimes ignored. While interactive voice response and auto attendant solutions expedite the call, being able to insert music and branding adds a personal touch while the caller is being transferred or waiting for the next available representative. Call us today and we will educate you on why on hold solutions are a great addition to your communications infrastructure.