In a busy office environment, communicating clearly and without distraction can be a real challenge. Furthermore, the daily grind of holding a phone handset against the shoulder can become painful for customer service representatives who spend most of their time answering and making phone calls. Our office headsets help relieve both of these situations.

Weaver Communications offers a series of office headsets that can allow customer service representatives to type, look at papers, and handle multi-tasking requirements seamlessly without being distracted. Office headsets are not only a luxury, but a necessity for maximizing productivity within your department.

Benefitting Agent and Customer
Keeping your agents ergonomically sound with a commercial grade office phone headset has many benefits. An office headset offers comfort above all else. With several different designs, we offer over the head as well as over the ear office headsets with flexible solutions that are convenient for the agent. These headsets also provide better clarity for the agent to understand the customer, as well as the for the customer to understand the agent as well.

From the customer perspective, there is nothing more aggravating than having difficulty understanding an agent that sounds like a robot. Lastly, agents can remain concentrated on the important details of the phone conversation such as taking important notes, scheduling follow up appointments, and having a productive workflow without being concerned with an annoying phone cord or holding the phone on the shoulder. Understand that this is not just about helping your agents feel more professional, but it is about allowing your agents to complete the customers’ requests in the quickest time possible. The ability to also avoid placing the customer on hold and being able to walk to the copy machine, fax machine, or to pull that record from the chart room while maintaining conversation makes quite the difference.

Better Sound Quality
Any environment with high activity can be a distraction for any agent that is doing their best to handle incoming and outgoing calls appropriately. Our noise cancelling headsets allow the agent to clearly understand the customer’s needs, and the innovative design of the microphone cancels out loose noise to avoid communication problems for the customer. Ensuring that messages are not misinterpreted are vital for accurate communication. Leaving a great impression through communication can make or break a business, whereas poor communication for any reason can result in lost revenues long term. Smart, simple solutions such as an office headset can be the difference over time.

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