For businesses, the most important component of a successful technology infrastructure is the data network which serves as the backbone. Weaver Communications offers data solutions ranging from hardware to software that solidifies the network and meets the challenge of today’s sophisticated needs. Our data network solutions are fit for nearly any business no matter the industry or the size.

Structured Cabling
Your network cabling forms as the backbone of your telecommunications and data network infrastructure. We pride ourselves in the fact that Weaver Communications was literally founded on providing professional installation and services specific to serving businesses with a high quality network cabling solution. Every project is unique, requiring attention to detail as well as maintaining and exceeding expectations of laws and regulations in regards to where your cabling is positioned. While some providers may toss around the word “structured cabling” lightly, it is not meant to be a fancy alternative to network cabling. We have responded to thousands of service calls where existing providers had left a business with a disaster of a cabling installation making it difficult for expansion and very time consuming for technicians to sort through. Our structured cabling solutions are one of our strongest assets. If you are a new business needing a solid foundation for your networking platform or an existing business looking at options to expand, Weaver Communications is here to help. To learn more, visit our Structured Cabling section.

Wireless Access Points
Wi-Fi has been changing the landscape of how we communicate through the internet as well as internally for years. As time has progressed, Wi-Fi technology has become more stable, secure and accepted. Wireless access points provide businesses with a platform to expand their wireless network coverage for both private and public use. Hospitals, colleges and restaurants across the globe are being challenged with the ever-demanding need for high quality wireless network capabilities. Our wireless solutions help solidify and expand your Wi-Fi zone coverage, enabling your employees and customers the benefit of connecting with the world in more convenient locations at your facility.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation
Fiber optic cabling has been the backbone for major service providers across the nation now for over a decade. During the mid-90s when businesses were limited in data transfer rates with slow dial-up technology and traditional copper cabling, and even today when businesses require a more stable and fast solution in order for data transfer to become a better fit for communication, the innovation of fiber optics has bridged that gap. Fiber optic cabling has made its way onto the scene in major cities and eventually to most of the nation to serve as the backbone for service providers in order to vastly improve their communication technology. Now, with businesses becoming accustomed to the major increase in speed and durability of fiber optic cabling when communicating with the outside world, there is a need to improve the backbone of the data networking infrastructure within the facility. Our fiber optic cable installation services and solutions now bring the same high quality communications infrastructure straight to the server room and in between buildings for maximum production within the workplace. Don’t allow a bottleneck in your data transfer to limit your employees hour by hour; inquire what Weaver Communications can provide with a fiber optic installation today.