Weaver Communications understands the need for a long range cordless phone in the workplace. We live in a chaotic world with hectic work environments with activity never-ending in the warehouse, on the factory floor, and within enterprise environments with multiple departments. The fact is, employees and leaders alike require communication methods just as if they were sitting in their office. Unless your employee is sitting at their desk for a great portion of the day, a long range cordless phone may be in order.

We provide the best long range cordless phones for commercial use at affordable prices. One of the best manufactures within this industry is EnGenius. In most cases, especially industrial, we like the EnGenius DuraFon handset. These phones offer so many benefits to the commercial and industrial business owner.

Long Distance Coverage
A long range cordless phone like this offers extensive in-building penetration. EnGenius phones cover approximately 12 floors in a single building, estimated at around 250,000 feet of strong coverage. Long distances are not a problem, and this is just for crystal clear coverage. Full and coherent communications within these distances is finally possible for you!

A Flexible and Scalable System
The luxury of using our long range cordless phone solutions is the ability to scale as you grow. Adding handsets and users isn’t a problem, as our EnGenius solution can support up to 90 handsets. Our free consultation includes discussing the needs of your organization to ensure you have the right amount of handsets. As you grow, the system will grow with you.

Durability and Longevity
Any long range cordless phone must last for a sufficient amount of time off the hook. In industrial environments, you’re always moving around. You can’t let your managers and team leaders go without full communication. Standby time for these devices carry up to 50 hours of battery life. Overall, they provide six hours of consistent talking time. Leave them on the charger at lunch time and you’ll always have a long range cordless phone which remains up and running.

Every DuraFon Pro phone we provide is rugged and can withstand most any industrial environment. With being shock and liquid proof as well as shatter resistant, we anticipate that a few drops on the concrete won’t necessitate you needing a replacement. Regardless, we have maintenance and repair plans available to help your company maintain these significant return on investments.

Designed for the Busy Worker
Step onto the average factory floor and there are activities going on at all times. Weaver Communications has spoken with industry leaders to discuss the biggest obstacles to productivity. Frequently, their managers missed calls due to the inability to both lead their workforce on the floor while maintaining office duties. The ability to leave the office without the risk of missing an important phone call allows the manager to be exactly where he or she is needed at all times.

Request a Demo!
Our free consultation may also include a demo of our long range cordless phone system to ensure that you’re satisfied with the coverage you can get. Get a free consultation about this long range cordless phone system with the experts at Weaver Communications today. We help you every step of the way. You aren’t obligated to purchase anything. Give us and EnGenius technologies a try and you won’t be disappointed!