Commercial Sound Systems
One of the great enhancements available in the workplace and in public venues is a commercial sound system. Our commercial sound systems are setup to offer a much better working environment for your employees while also creating and enhancing the mood of your customers as they wait for service or shop around in your business. Vibrant sound and music create culture like no other and enhance the mood of everyone listening, but our sound systems offer much more than music. These systems can be used as a distribution of sound from practically any audio source that will interface with it including televisions, live radio broadcasting, integration with intercom systems and overhead paging; whatever your requirement is, we likely have the answer. Discover what you are missing from a high quality commercial sound system today.

Paging and Intercom System
Communication is a critical component of any successful business, and having the proper communication infrastructure to distribute your message is vital. Our paging and intercom system solutions provide businesses, hospitals, schools and colleges with the public announcement capabilities necessary to maintain fluent communication in a rapid manner. New innovations in paging and intercom systems have provided even more broadcasting features and capabilities than ever before. Whether you need a solution indoors, outdoors, wired or wireless, our custom engineered plans give you the proper communication methods you require. Within any industry, the ability to immediately distribute an important message increases security, safety, and lowers risks. Start planning for your new intercom system today.

School Bell System
Our bell system is fit for schools, manufacturing plants, colleges, and practically any environment that is on a routine schedule that requires notification to send to the masses. Especially designed as a school bell system, our solution maintains order and improves student safety while improving productivity and efficiency throughout the school day. While the traditional school bell has been around for decades, new 21st century innovation has changed how many schools operate. With the ability to target specific zones, provide various alerts, and even give immediate warnings of dangerous weather conditions or high threat alerts, our school bell system solutions now offer more features and capabilities than ever before. Furthermore, when properly programmed, our school bell system helps schools that are near full capacity and need to break up traffic flow when certain areas of the facility are released into the hallway. Lastly, dated school bell systems are becoming obsolete and are difficult to repair or be serviced. A new school bell installation will cut down on maintenance and consolidate overall with a simple interface that is run by state-of-the-art software.