Would you like to professionally track your phone calls?

One of the most clear signs of a successful business is a busy phone system. Your business will make anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of calls and receive a significant amount of inbound calls this year. Within these calling patterns, you’ll find great pieces of information that can be used for many purposes. Weaver Communications is offering the ultimate solution in call logging technology. By using an efficient and proven call reporting system, you can track internal and external calls from all your business’s calling points.

What is Call Accounting?
Call accounting software enables you to accomplish the goal of recording where every call is coming from, when the call was made, and what user made it.

To be clear, call accounting does not record the actual conversation over the phone, although we do have services and information regarding the ability to record conversations. Call logging software is used to track performance is perfectly legal and is a staple for improving your call center.

What Does Call Accounting Track?
Our call accounting system can track almost anything. Here are the main metrics it tracks for each user:

  • Calling times.
  • The length of time spent on each call.
  • The price of making each call.
  • Specific clients through unique calling codes.

There are other metrics that you can gear your phone call tracking system towards. Weaver Communications provides full guidance on how to use the system to accomplish your specific goals.

Why Would You Want to Use Call Accounting Software?
Get value for money through making sure calls are only made to customers. Catch employees making personal calls on company time and on the company bill.

Increase productivity by getting all calling information on a single report. This will help to drive your marketing campaign. You’ll no longer have to blunder around in the dark.

Boost customer satisfaction by using call accounting software to identify peak calling times. You could make sure to have more staff on-duty at specific times to ensure customers are put through to the appropriate departments immediately.

Increase profits by reclaiming telecom costs. A phone call tracking system can automatically track all billable incoming calls. This makes it easier to know where you can reclaim costs later on.

Reward your employees for high performance. Without a detailed analysis, it is difficult to know who your best employees are just as well as it is to catch those that are wasting the last several hours of the day.

Track progress as your company grows. Expose the weaknesses that hold your company back and the strengths that push your company forward within the customer service department. Advanced tracking provides significant insight on where your bottlenecks are.

Can Your Business Benefit from Call Accounting Software?
If your business accepts or makes calls to members of the general public, you can benefit from call accounting.

Schools, hospitals, telemarketing companies, manufacturing companies, and any other industry that has a decent volume of inbound and outbound calls can benefit significantly from a high quality call accounting software.

Customized Call Logging Solutions
Every business is different and requires certain features. Weaver Communications is here to serve you in ensuring that your specific needs are met.

For example, we can setup an alarm for the department manager when the queue threshold is met or exceeded. For instance, if the queue threshold is set to maximum of 10 callers on hold, and the queue is exceeded, the department manager is immediately notified so that the issues can be addressed promptly.

If you want to find out more about how call accounting works, or you want to discuss implementing it within your business, call us today.

We can provide free consultations. You’re under no obligation to commit to a purchase. For call accounting software, we also provide a conference call and online presentation to show you the benefits of adding a call accounting solution for your business.