Synchronized clocks are an essential part of your setup, no matter what industry you happen to operate in. We at Weaver Communications fully understand how important it is to get the most out of your day. A clock system that’s synchronized with true time will allow you to improve productivity and reduce the amount of time you lose.

We install wireless clocks that match the official world time. You’ll get an accuracy that’s to within a fraction of a second.

True Time and Why You Need It
You need to make sure your clock is at the right time. Clocks will slow down over time due to slow batteries or poor manufacturing. The ability to monitor each wifi wall clock within your facility from computer software ensures your clocks are up-to-par automatically, eliminating downtime annually that is typically required in changing batteries, adjusting times, or replacing clocks altogether.

The main benefit of having synchronized clocks is productivity. Think about it in terms of a school. A school clock that’s one minute slow will cost about 250 minutes of education time every year. If we assume one lesson is 60 minutes, this is over four lessons lost per student every year. If you work in a school with 500 students, you’ve lost the equivalent of 2000 lessons each year for the entire school.

Apply this to a commercial facility and this could lead to significant losses every year. In business, every minute counts. A single minute might not sound like much, but it all adds up over the course of a year.

Industries That Benefit
Any industry that requires productivity and efficiency to be at their highest levels need to use synchronized clocks. Synchronized clocks can work in an industrial setting where orders need to be met quickly and on-time. Not that there is any minimum, but if you are a facility or venue that displays the time in a significant amount of endpoints, a synchronized and centrally managed wifi clock solution will keep maintenance to a minimum.

And here are just some of the other examples of areas where these IP clocks are essential:

  • Distribution facilities where you need to synchronize your deliveries.
  • Airports that require highly accurate times
  • Banks where you need to perform security checks at the correct times.
  • Hospitals that desire to keep all clocks synchronized and maintenance low
  • Hotels that have guests from around the globe that need accurate clocks
  • Public venues and facilities with hundreds of clocks including some in difficult to reach places

Tailored to You
Synchronized clocks from Weaver Communications are all connected to each other and are programmed to act as part of a network. When one clock has been set to a specific time so is every other clock in your facility. We specialize in installing networks of synchronized clocks by working directly with you.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss how best to install a new network of IP clocks in your place of work.