In an age where information is easily accessible from practically any device that has Wi-Fi capability, the environment for distributing information and branding for your products and services has expanded. With a vast array of technology and electronics, the distractions sometimes make it difficult for businesses to catch the attention of their target audience. However, new innovation in the last several years has brought an interface to match the desire of tech savvy consumers. Major retailers are learning that consumers are being drawn to digital signage and video-based advertisements within their stores. In fact, studies have proven that consumers even desire the option of a kiosk to give them insight on products and services available. As the idea of digital signage continues to grow, traditional advertising methods continue to lose their flavor.

What is digital signage?
Digital signage is an electronic display, sometimes including interactive programming that allows consumers to receive information and advertising along with important messages. Digital signage can be found in both private and public environments including airports, retail stores, restaurants, service businesses, banks, doctor offices, grocery stores, and hotels, amongst many other locations. As video marketing and content continues to propel its way to become the most influential and convenient method of advertising, the digital signage industry continues to soar and it is here to stay for years to come. Eventually, most industry experts predict that digital signage will be unavoidable everywhere consumers go.

Is my business ready for digital signage?
The ability to influence consumers to desire your product or service at a heightened level will always be a priority for businesses. Marketing is the name of the game, and digital signage within your facilities certainly increases the ability to create additional sales. Many businesses have an effective strategy for marketing on the outside in order to bring in the traffic, but few businesses have an effective strategy for converting traffic into additional sales. Digital signage offers an additional internal marketing method to increase sales while consumers are already in the mood to buy anyway. Furthermore, it is much easier to advertise to specific target audiences while they are in specific locations within your building. Digital signage will provide incredible value for your business in a realm that is both intriguing and future-centric.

What are the advantages of utilizing digital signage in my business?
Not only will digital signage significantly improve your conversion rates within your business location, it also creates culture with the ability to provide news, weather, and demonstrations, among other unique ideas to enhance customer experience. Also, by giving consumers the option to choose certain products or services to learn more about, business owners can use the reporting and analytics to know where their brand is most dominant and what areas they need to spend more time in developing. There is also an immediate return on investment as businesses can greatly reduce the costs for producing paper ads that customers pick up when entering the store. Imagine being able to promote items within the department consumers are already standing. Now, business can provide immediate value with training and demonstration and prove why the product or service in front of their eyes is beneficial to their wallet. It is also an avenue of presenting this information while not hindering 84% of consumers who do not trust a typical sales representative.

Pain points that business owners are addressing through the usage of Digital Signage
Consumers are entertained while they are…

  • waiting for their meal to arrive in restaurants
  • making a quick decision on whether or not to purchase the cheaper product or the premium option.
  • waiting on their vehicle to be serviced.
  • searching for a specific item availability that is difficult to find in the retail store.
  • waiting on their name to be called by the nurse at the doctor’s office.
  • waiting on their flight to arrive.

From a return on investment perspective, business owners require fewer representatives on the floor to convince consumers to make the extra purchase. Restaurant owners have significantly improved employee morale and productivity as servers are witnessing greater tips for their hard work. Airports, malls and other public venues have increased their revenue by selling ad spots in high traffic zones where consumers and shoppers are walking by.

Overall, businesses are wasting less money on broad traditional advertising and using smarter advertising investments on highly targeted traffic that is interested in their product with the use of digital signage.

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