Weaver Communications understands how important it is to protect your business from intruders during and outside conventional office hours. While it is impossible to completely prevent criminal activity from taking place, having a business surveillance system in place will certainly create resistance both during business activity and when the lights are turned out. Reliable business surveillance systems are essential for loss prevention and to ensure the integrity of both your customers as well as your own employees. We provide business surveillance systems and full training for business owners who care about the protection of their assets.

Higher Quality, Better Picture, Reliable Features
There is nothing more frustrating as a business owner when trying to spend very little money to purchase a cheap surveillance system, but then having very poor visibility and being unable to identify individuals when problems arise. That is why Weaver Communications only provides commercial grade video surveillance systems that are backed by high quality manufacturers that are well above the consumer grade systems that have an appealing cost-entry. Our superior solutions are substantially better than the terrible quality out-of-the-box solutions that falsely promise the same service at a fraction of the cost.

One issue that business owners find in purchasing an out-of-the-box solution from the internet is that they are stuck with what is in the box. Our solutions are customized to meet the exact need of each area where a camera is being installed. A camera located in a small office requires much fewer features than a high quality surveillance camera that needs to cover a large warehouse that is completely dark at night. One can’t expect the same quality of service and monitoring across the board from pre-packaged solutions that are not professionally optimized for your specific need.

Weaver Communications is proud to supply video business surveillance systems that are both high quality and yet affordable from only the best brands and trusted manufacturers.

Mobility Functions
One of the most desired features of a high quality commercial grade video surveillance system is the ability to integrate with mobile technology for 24/7 monitoring availability. We certainly understand the value of being able to interact and ensure the protection of your assets. Our commercial surveillance systems can be accessed on the go with mobile functions that enable you to track your business in real-time. If you are concerned about whether your business is safe, simply pick up your phone and access your cameras immediately.

One Solution. Multiple Applications.
While many business owners and executives want to monitor for potential intruders, the ability to monitor for suspicious activity among employees can prove to be just as valuable. Furthermore, while our indoor surveillance systems are top notch, we also provide outdoor solutions that include the ability to see even in the dark. Our outdoor solutions are weather resistant, waterproof and adaptable to almost any amount of light or darkness.

Why Choose Us?
Other video surveillance companies can’t match us. Our business surveillance systems are unbeatable because of the professional service and optimization we offer.

Choosing a professional company to trust with your business surveillance system installation is beneficial in many areas.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • We offer some of the best deals on business surveillance systems.
  • We offer professional training for your loss prevention staff and team leaders for your company. While our cameras offer plug and play functionality, there are certainly more advanced features and options to optimize your cameras even better. We ensure your designated surveillance team members are trained and prepared.
  • Every security camera installation is done professionally. They’re optimized to suit your company. You can’t expect the same level of service from a vendor that expects you to do it all yourself.

Need more clarity? Call us for a free consultation and we can discuss the specific needs of your business to see what solution is best for you.