Weaver Communications can install a wireless access point at your place of business. We understand the need to boost your WiFi and ensure your indoor and outdoor wireless access point covers any dead zones. Our indoor and outdoor wireless access point services range from installation of new networks and expansion of existing networks. Our solutions are proven to work in any industry and environment including schools, hospitals, churches and enterprises.

What Does a Wireless Access Point Do?
Our commercial grade wireless access points extend, improve and strengthen Wi-Fi signal and is compatible for any device or endpoint that accepts a wireless network connection. Traditional network routers and residential wireless access points do not offer a vast Wi-Fi coverage zone, but can be enhanced by having a commercial grade solution installed. If you have areas in your business that have a sketchy or nonexistent wireless coverage, we have the solution to immediately bring you online.

Having dead spots or weak signals within the business environment prohibits employees and managers from completing tasks that may require mobile solutions connected to the internet or corporate network. Instead of spending resources running dedicated cabling endpoints for multiple locations, our wireless access points extend the network connection coverage so that WiFi enabled devices can connect seamlessly. Outside of office environments, there are public venues that can benefit from a stronger signal. Whether it is a restaurant, coffee shop, church, hotel, college campus, hospital, or other high-traffic public zone, there are many industries that benefit from this solution.

Installation and Expansion
We cover both installation of new networks and expansion of existing networks. Depending on the quality of your current equipment, you may want to completely install a new wireless LAN network. Our free consultation and inspection can determine any weak spots or bottlenecks that would cause concern with a wireless access point installation. Our inspection tests the current connection and also allows us to plan ahead to determine the appropriate areas to install the device for maximum coverage.
If you want to find out more about access points, you can. Call us today for a free consultation. We can discuss the value of a WiFi access point and the process we go through with every client.