Carrying a much faster transmission and a longer connection distance than copper cabling, fiber optic cable is a digital pillar for many businesses that require its benefits and features. As technology continues to evolve, on-premise bandwidth availability becomes a challenge with traditional cabling infrastructure and networking components being outdated. Weaver Communications offers professional fiber optic cable installation for both indoors and outdoors including in ground and aerial solutions to take your internal network to the next level.

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade from conventional copper data cabling or connect your networks, a professional fiber optic cable installation will serve a great purpose with massively increasing bandwidth potential. Transferring large amounts of data including video, network data, and other bandwidth hogging activities can prove to exhaust a network that uses outdated cabling infrastructure. If you believe your network is bottlenecking, a fiber optic cable installation could very well be the solution. A free consultation by Weaver Communications will give you the insight and analyzed data necessary to determine if a fiber optic solution will benefit you.

What is Fiber Optic Cable?
Fiber optic cable is made from separate strands of ultra-pure glass. This glass, when formed, is monitored by a laser to create a perfect shape from start to finish. To transfer data, it uses modulating light signals. Copper network cabling uses electrons to do the same thing, but the shape of the wire isn’t perfect all the way through.

The cable is actually the finished product, though. Initially, it’s known as optical fiber. Optical fiber must be put through a range of tests before it can be sold as cabling. Rigorous testing of these optical fibers include the ability to conduct light underwater, handle extreme temperatures, measuring tensile strength, as well as fiber geometry. This extensive testing is why fiber optic cabling has proven to be well worth the investment. The fact remains that while vendors have the ability to use cheap alternatives in manufacturing copper cabling, fiber optic cabling is very difficult to duplicate at an alternative level. Being able to use light to transfer millions of bytes per second with extremely minimal packet loss or network jitter is why even your service provider uses fiber optic cable backbones to deliver a much more dependable cabling source to your business. If it is good enough for your local service provider, it is certainly the better choice for your operations.

Why is Fiber Optic Cabling Superior?

  • It uses light instead of electrons to transmit data, which means it isn’t limited to 100 meters without a booster.
  • No radiated signals, which makes it almost impossible to tap or intercept data.
  • A glass core that protects it from many of the environmental factors that afflict copper.
  • This network cabling uses a more durable material, therefore it’s going to last longer.
  • The fact it costs less to maintain means long-term uses of fiber optic data cabling will actually pay less than they would if they used copper cabling.
  • Lastly, but probably the most important, fiber optic cabling does not conduct electricity. This is a natural protection of your networking infrastructure.

Why Choose Weaver Communications?
For an investment like fiber optic cabling, it is critical to choose professionals with experience that can handle the tedious tasks associated with installing and terminating fiber optic cabling. Without the proper equipment and experience, a fiber optic cable installation could end up being a nightmare for business owners. Properly terminating optical fibers is like doing surgery compared to installing copper. We offer the support you need to get your network up and running. Our professional and experienced team can install your cables in both indoor and outdoor settings. Every installation is tailored to you. We’re fully qualified and experienced to handle the task, and we even back our service with technical support and maintenance options to prove it. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.