Communication is an essential part of any company. Whether you’re contacting your employees or notifying the general public of an urgent event, you need paging and intercoms systems to successfully carry out your duties.

Weaver Communications can install a public address system within your place of work at an affordable price. We can discuss your needs and come up with a custom communication solution for you.

The Paging and the Intercom System
It’s important to differentiate between paging systems and intercom systems. Although these two terms might be used interchangeably among tech savvy individuals, they’re actually differ slightly. An intercom system, whether wired or wireless, offers a two way inbound and outbound conversation. This is the traditional communication method often installed in schools where the instructor can communicate and respond to the office staff appropriately. Paging systems are one way and used primarily for broadcasting public announcements in any industry where a two way conversation is not necessary. This can be the case especially for outdoor use as well as environments where a two way conversation is not possible anyway.

Wired and Wireless Intercom and Paging Solutions
With each of these systems, we offer both wired and wireless solutions. We can talk to you about whether wireless intercom or wired intercom is best for you. Every installation carried out by Weaver Communications is tailored to suit you. We install cabling infrastructures in both indoor and outdoor settings to support wired solutions, but certainly support wireless projects as well.

Furthermore, we can connect your new public address system to any other tools you might have, such as satellite radio and microphone sources.

Not every company will need to have both of the above systems in use.

The Medical Industry
Time is of the essence especially in medical facilities where sick patients are in need of attention. A commercial grade paging system allows the facility to remain fluent in getting patients into a room by being able to page their name immediately when a room becomes available.

In hospital environments, a paging solution is certainly viable. For security measures, a paging system allows operators to make immediate vital announcements such as severe weather warnings, intruder security codes, and various other important announcements. For medical purposes, it allows physicians and medical staff to call for codes that require immediate attention such as a patient that is in critical condition and needing swift action.

Schools and Colleges
In an educational setting, a principal who wants to make an announcement can do so quickly and easily. On college campuses, indoor and outdoor paging systems provide critical information such as severe weather events or even allows colleges to promote school spirit in between class breaks.

Weaver Communications has also installed intercom systems to reduce the need for teachers and secretaries to travel from room to room to communicate, reducing hall traffic and distractions.

Public Announcement Venues
In any outdoor or indoor arena, public announcements aren’t just important for the convenience of the general public. They’re important for public safety. If there’s a major security situation, teams must rely on a working public address system to broadcast codes and other pieces of sensitive information across the venue. Not only can this system increase public safety, it can save lives in a critical situation. They can also be connected to amplifiers that increase the volume of the broadcast.

Music and other audio sources can be played through these PA systems. If you need to entertain a crowd before a show starts, you can by playing some of the latest hits through the PA system. Please remember we only install the system. This doesn’t give you the right to play any type of music. Licenses for this must be sought out separately.

Legal Implications
In the U.S., you’re responsible for anyone on your premises. You need to prove you’ve done everything you can to alert the general public to any dangers. In the event of any temporary hazards, you can send out an announcement using a communications network that clearly states where the hazard is and how long it will be in place for. The ability to give an immediate verbal warning of hazards and dangers in a public venue can have its benefits in liability concerns or issues.

Quick communication isn’t just for your public image. It can protect your budget.

Tailored Solutions Meeting Your Specific Need
Weaver Communications stands by every system they install. We offer full maintenance packages that cover any repairs and alterations in the future. Our technicians are just as adept at adding to already existing systems as they are at installing completely new systems.

There are no minimum requirements for the maintenance of intercom systems and your public address system. Our services cover small, simple projects and large sophisticated projects.

We fully understand every organization is different. Our communication solutions have been tailored to suit each individual company.

Every paging system differs. If you want to find out more, or you want to start planning your new sound system, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to talk about it!