One can point to any decade and see that culture was largely defined by and reinforced by some of the greatest music artists of that era. Music has a way of altering the mood of individuals. In fact, customers tend to choose certain restaurants over others or spend more time in the coffee shop that plays easy listening music while they process their thoughts and make decisions for their day. At Weaver Communications, we believe our commercial sound systems offer a much better environment for employees while also creating and enhancing the mood of customers, no matter what atmosphere or industry it is in. Sitting or standing in complete silence can make any afternoon longer than expected.

What is the benefit of listening to music when working in an office?
Within the office environment, CEOs and leaders of corporations as well as small business owners are discovering that having soft background music playing while employees complete redundant and rigorous tasks helps enhance and maintain productivity. Background music enhances the workflow of employees as they dig into the early hours of work and also helps keep them productive as they are wrapping up the last couple of hours in the workday. Not only are team leaders appreciating the increased productivity, but employees are certainly enjoying it as well. As employee morale continues to rise, teamwork is more fluent and the entire workplace functions and operates more consistently. Overtime, commercial sound systems prove to be a significant return on investment.

What is the benefit of having background music for my customers?
In any environment, music greatly enhances the mood compared to an environment of silence. In a shopping environment, customers tend to linger around longer especially when the music appeals to their taste. In an environment where a customer or client is patiently waiting to be served, music,relative industry news and other sound variables provide entertainment and show an appreciation for their time. In restaurants music is a nice ambience to override general noise to help customers feel more private in their conversations with each other.

For one to completely understand how music creates culture, simply walk into a shopping mall. From store to store, customers can walk in and immediately have a general idea of the type of products and services they are going to find. Whether it is an urban shopping store with congruent music taste, or a jewelry store with very elegant and rich music, or a clothing store playing Top 40 hits with their commercial sound systems, music fits in every category. Regardless of what industry you are in, there are many applications and benefits.

More Than Music
Commercial sound systems have many applications outside of adding background music and flavor. Within the financial sector, many facilities have added large televisions and purchased a commercial sound system to provide quality audio. They choose to have financially-based programs that show stock movements, financial advice, and so on that is congruent with the industry. Without realizing it, clients tend to take notice and realize that they aren’t doing business with just any typical financial service, but one that wants to ensure they are keeping up with the latest financial and economic trends. In busy financial sectors, this also helps maintain customer satisfaction and retention as they wait for the appointment.

Within the medical field, larger facilities are finding it convenient to add intercom abilities with their overhead commercial sound system in order to page the next patient. In restaurants, commercial sound systems may offer the convenience of playing music or choosing to play the sports broadcast that is currently showing on television. In hotels and hospitality sectors, commercial sound systems help give a luxury taste in the lobby as a great first impression for guests. Practically any audio producing device or channel can be optimized with commercial sound systems in order to provide an enhanced experience.

Enhance the mood, create culture and improve productivity for increased revenue with a commercial sound system, professionally installed and optimized by Weaver Communications. Call today.